How to protect my child from the internet

Websites and some apps are filled with misleading and immoral content, which contains violent and pornographic material, advertisements, hate and deception.. Unlike adults, young children absorb everything they are exposed to without knowing how to resist temptations and bad and negative directions.
All of this makes the Internet a completely unsafe platform for children, and therefore parents bear a great responsibility in educating them and protecting them from its dangers. Here are some tips and ways that can help parents in their concern..
1- Set clear rules:
These rules include everything related to the use of the Internet, whether on computers, mobile phones or tablets, so that the child knows that the use of the Internet is subject to the rules of the family in general.
2- Pay attention to the psychological state of the child:
If the child is exposed to inappropriate content while browsing the Internet, this is expected to have a negative psychological impact on him, and any emotional, behavioral or even psychological change can be distinguished by the parents, and deal with it quickly..
3- Stay away from solitude:
The best thing that keeps the child away from the dangers of the Internet is to encourage him to be social, which gives him self-confidence, and becomes stronger in resisting manipulation and deception, and he will be able to better express any abusive situation he encounters through the Internet.
4- Use of content blocking and parental control programs and applications:
There are many help programs and applications that block a large percentage of immoral and unsuitable content for children, in addition to tools available on popular sites such as YouTube kids and tools in the Google search engine that make it suitable for children.
5- Putting the devices in a visible place in front of the family:
It is better to put the family’s computer in the living room, and to refrain from using tablets and smartphones in private or closed rooms, as the child’s curiosity and desire to discover may take him away when using the Internet.
6- Talking to the child and making him aware of the Internet:
The Internet is a very wide world and it needs to explain and clarify to the child about its benefits and how to use it correctly, what are the appropriate applications for him as a child and what should be avoided.

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