How to use the Internet to teach our children the Arabic language?

With the Internet entering all the details of life and overcrowding with content directed to children, with its availability almost always, and the ease of browsing through smart devices, how can we as educators take advantage of Internet content to enhance the learning of the Arabic language for our children?! Here are some ideas from the Karaza channel..
1- Applications: Smart and tablet applications are the latest method of interacting and learning through the Internet, and despite the difficulty of finding good Arabic content for children through applications, many Arab developers are recently interested in the field of children’s education.
2- Internet sites: There are many Arab sites launched during the past few years that provide useful educational content for children in the Arabic language, whether entertaining or interactive materials, or exciting information and scientific experiments.. All of this pushes the child to love exploration and learning using the Arabic language.
3- Educational songs: Many channels on various online platforms offer educational and entertaining songs for children, and for free, the song is able to better communicate information to the child, in addition to his endearment in the Arabic language.
4- Animations: Most of the animations are currently available on the Internet, especially YouTube, whether dubbed or produced by Arab companies, so that parents can choose Arabic-speaking animations that are appropriate for the child’s age, making sure that they contain useful, valuable and ethical content.
5- Stories and tales: Some websites and applications specialize in children’s stories and bedtime stories. A child who is able to read can spell the words of stories and learn from them, and interactively available on several websites so far.

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