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Summer vacation investment ideas for kids

Most of the youngsters spend their summer vacation between watching TV, electronic games and staying up late at night! But so that this vacation does not turn into a waste of time, it can be invested in other ways that advance the skills of the little one, and be fun and entertaining at the same time.

Here are some ideas aimed at taking advantage of the children’s free time on vacation, in a way that is beneficial and fun for them:
1- Reading
“The book is the best companion” is a true saying that urges the mother to choose a variety of books, including purposeful stories, puzzles, or special magazines according to the interests of her young child, while accompanying him to visit nearby public libraries and take advantage of the number of books in them.
Of course, the appropriate times for reading vary, but in general, it is preferable to do it before bed, as it relaxes and prepares for a peaceful sleep. It is worth using the vacation time to read and recite the Noble Qur’an, even for a short period of time not exceeding ten minutes before or after the prayers.
2- Social media
The family loses social contact with others during school days, and this may extend to communication through the phone! Therefore, the summer vacation is an opportunity for kinship bonding and exchanging visits with relatives and neighbors, while agreeing on a weekly date for reunification, which gives the child an opportunity to strengthen his relationships with his surroundings.
It is preferable to take him, even one day each month, to visit children in care homes, present them with gifts, or return patients, whether they are parents, acquaintances, or those in need.
3- Help with household chores
If your children are bored during vacation, you can take them to the kitchen and encourage them to prepare some simple recipes, and they can be assigned some household tasks that require a little effort, such as changing the place of some furniture or buying items for the house from outside. Despite the child’s laziness in performing these tasks, he feels his importance to the family, so do not skimp on him with words of thanks and praise.
4- Fun and entertainment
When it comes to investing vacation times that may extend for several months, this does not mean neglecting the entertainment and fun aspect, but rather inventing a way to change the daily routine of school life, where you can dispense with television for hours and replace it with group competitions among your family members in which young and old participate in rope skipping or playing ball Or racing, and to add more fun don’t forget to bring prizes to the winners. There are many entertainments outside the home, such as going to markets and entertainment centers, going out for walks or eating outside.
5 Development of the child’s faculties
Vacation is the perfect time to introduce your little one to new skills. Among the best summer programs, those offered by experts to teach computer skills or English language in specialized training centers. Hurry up to involve your children in one of these programs, after the end of the school year, because they are still affected by the practical rhythm of study and are ready to receive more knowledge. In parallel with these programs, the child can be given the opportunity to practice his favorite sport in an organized manner, join him in clubs and sports centers, or push him to practice his favorite hobby. There are schools that provide their students during the summer vacation with these programs and courses for free or at nominal prices. Traveling develops the child’s skills, during which he discovers new cities, cultures and languages…
6- Time management
Summer vacation is an opportunity for parents to help their children develop their personalities, expand their perceptions and develop their own abilities. Undoubtedly, exploiting their energies in useful activities is an imperative that should be planned before the end of the school year. Therefore, the time must be organized between different activities. It is not correct for the child to go to the club in the morning, computer or languages ​​course, or memorize the Qur’an in the afternoon, and visit family and friends in the evening, as it is sufficient for the child to engage in one or two activities at most, during the day. Parents should prepare daily, weekly and monthly plans in which they determine the activities that can be provided for the child, bearing in mind that the youngster gets bored quickly, so the latter must be diversified in order to satisfy his desires.

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