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Teaches kids the fundamentals of the Arabic language in an appealing and scientific way.

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Karazah Channel

It is a channel on YouTube, which we created to teach children the basics of Arabic language in an attractive scientific way. Our goal is to reach your expectations and hopes to find reliable, high quality songs that endear children to Arabic and help them learn it. 

On Karazah channel, you will find scientific and entertaining content for your children, which will provide them with benefit and fun at the same time. This content has been prepared by a specialist team of child psychology and children-oriented media production in a manner that will allow you to protect your children from addiction to YouTube channels that have a lot of violence, noise and non-educational scenes, yet they fall under the guise of “Children’s Channel”.

In our world today, especially in developed countries, children follow, whether we like it or not, YouTube channels, which makes parents looking to find a viable and safe alternative for their children. Therefore, we have created Karazah channel that presents an attractive content for children, and teaches them Arabic in a distinctive way. The fundamentals and methods of the content have been developed by a team specializing in education and children’s media from five countries around the world: USA, France, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. 

Karazah Children’s Channel seeks to create a new route in the children- oriented video channels sector.

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Karazah Channel is a kids’ nursery channel that presents Arabic language in a fun appealing way. Using 3D animation, fun characters and wonderful songs to present fun and engaging content, our Arabic learning app is easy to use and engaging.


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